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Still Lactating after a year.

Patient: I last breat feed my Youngest son in June of 2010. I am still lactating and wonder what I need to do to stop this. I thought that it would dry up once he stopped eating but it has noot. What should I do?



Doctor: Breat milk can take upto a year to dry up even if you have stopped breast feeding . Each woman is different and there is no fixed time period as such. Moreover it is because of your hormones which again take time to return to normal values. In case it continues for longer than a year then contact youur GP as you may need to conduct certain hormonal tests to find out the cause.All thebest.



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Guest: Hi,
My name is Anca and i am 1 year old’s baby mother.
I am still breastfeeding and the thing is my baby nurses just from one breast since 9 months lets say.The other is just pumped ,it has not to much milk in it so it is not getting to full,i pump it three times a day.I must say my milk is getting lower now anyway in the other breast too but i have a question..i noticed since yesterday when i pumped the breast she is not nursing at it has a strange smell,not very bad but weird i never had this before.The other one now but just this one.When i smell the bra it is not to much there but i think the nippel smells like that.The thing is i am a little trapped with baby home so i can’t go to my doctor to soon but i got really worried with this.Can it be an infection or something like this?does it affect the milk?it is hard to tell like this but maybe i can get an answer please or should i see a doctor for this.Thank you


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