Still suffering from prostatitis

Patient: I’ve recently have been treated for acute prostatitis. This disease has crippled my life I don’t know where else to turn or who to talk to I’ve been to a clinic where they thought it was an std took antibiotics for that but the tests came back negative. Symptoms continued so I went to the er I was peeing a lot and un able to completely empty my bladder felt pain in my lower stomach also noticed my erection and sperm was not normal. They did an ultra sound, urine test but they didn’t see anything wrong so they told me to see a urologist. I went to one he did a prostate check where he sticks a finger up my butt he said my prostate was inflamed and he told me I had acute prostatitis I did have unprotected sex w a girl a few weeks prior. I was given ciprofloxacin 500 mg, tamsulosin 0.4 mg, and ibuprofen 600 mg, while I was on these drugs my I hardly felt like I was getting better it has now been 2 months after finishing the meds and I feel a lil better but not a 100% my erection is not as powerful as it was, nor my ability to get one ( I used to just think about a hot girl and my dick would get hard) my balls feel shriveled up some times my sperm looks watery and clumpy and my stools still aren’t normal. I guess what I want to know is will I eventually get back to normal does it take a while to be 100%? I feel a lil better from when I was first diagnosed w this. I want to be able to have kids and for my sex life to be good again ever since this I’ve been scared. Please help any info I want to get my life back in order. I’m only 31Thank you Paul

Symptoms: Erection doesn’t feel as hard, sperm looks watery and clumpy, stools doesn’t look normal, and I still feel like I pee a lot

Doctor: Thank you for your question.Acute prostatitis can often requiire 1 to 3 months of antibiotic use to treat.If you have not been treated for at least a month of antibiotics, that would be the next step.If you have received at least a month of antibiotics, than simply time ( a few months) is required for things to return to normal.No additional testing is required at this point in time but a urologist should seen be seen in 3 months if symptoms do not improve.While you are waiting for them improve, a trial of erectile dysfunction medications will help.