Stinging when Urinating

Patient: Hello Dr.I’m a 22 yr old male, started experiencing stinging whenever I urinate, stinging is located at the tip of the urethra but I can feel it inside the head of my penis whenever i squeeze down on it. I’ve been thinking it is a UTI so i’ve been drinking lots of cranberry juice.The way I can describe the feeling is when soap enters the tip, it feels about the same as that. It only stings when I urinate or squeeze the head. Feels as though something may be inside it?That is the only symptom I have, wondering what you might think it is, thanks a lot

Symptoms: Stinging when urinating

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.The feeling of the stinging pain only in the glans part of the u rethra ”like when soap enter” is the perfect explanation you have given.If there is no history of unprotected sex or STD, the worried are reduced to the minimum.This may be possible due to the friction caused by the masturbation or entering in the urethra of something like a soap or a lubricant during masturbation, the history of which you have not given.Well, Continue cranberry juice. Take plenty of oral fluids and water to keep the urine diluted and flush out the infection if present.Get investigations of urine and blood to find out if there is an infection.Consult a Doctor to get examined and get a course of an antibiotic and supportive medicines.I hope this should be sufficient to get a cure. Please avoid any activity which can give the problems like this. If you are sexually active use condom.I hope this answer helps you.