Stomach pain after sex

Patient: Hi, slightly embarrassing but I had sex last night (slightly rough) and now my stomach hurts, can rough sex cause internal bleeding? I have had this pain before and went to the doctor to get checked out and it turned out I had thrush which they said was most likely the problem. I currently have thrush again but the symptoms this time are a bit different, so currently my stomach hurts, feel bloated, slightly nauseous, had a couple of hot flushes, hurts to move/turn over a little and my heart rate feels increased and a slight pain in the chest (hoping this last thing is just me worrying). Athough trying not to worry as had the stomach pain before but with the added things wanted to check I don’t need to urgently get checked out or if you can suggest anything for me to go back to my doctor with. Thank you in advance and sorry for the rambling, hopefully it makes sense.

Symptoms: Stomach pain, bloating, nausea, hot flushes