Stomach Pain From Alcohol

Patient: For a few years now every time I go out drinking I start to get bad stomach pain. I don´t have to even drink so much, I usually drink alcopops like VK Blue/Orange. I end up having to stop drinking and have something to eat and wait for the pain to go away. I don´t think I have an ulcer as I only have pain when I´m out drinking. I´m thinking maybe it could be the acid? or maybe something in the drinks like caffeine or taurean? Thanks for your help.

Doctor: The pain and the pattern of pain is suggestive of a peptic ulcer, duodenal ulcer or pancreatitis.  All 3 are serious con nditions and require the cessation of alcohol for improvement.  Blood test and ultrasound at your doctors office will help to rule out pancreatitis and if it is not pancreatitis, ulcers can be treated with medication and if caught early,surgery can be avoided.