Stomach sounds after eating breakfast

Patient: Dear Dr, I’d like to explain my problem to you. Lately, i’ve been suffering from stomach sound, really loud one, and it’s embarrassing me. I wake up at 8 am and eat my breakfast at 9 am. My breakfast was 1 egg with half white bread and i take 1 pill of vit. ( all of them ) and drink enough water. Then the problem started 2 weeks ago, i stopped eating egg and changed that to a two-spoon cheese ( philadelphia one ) and half bread too plus a donut ( and i don’t drink coffee at morning just around 5 pm.) Nothing has changed, and last week i start taking activia with the breakfast and still the same problem. I’m preparing for exam and i think my be stress plays a role and i may have IBS, but why this just happens after breakfast, as i said i take it at 9 am and the sounds start from 10:30 till 12:30 , after than i disappear. Taking a small snake will normally shut it for a 30 min. but i can’t do that while i’m in the lectures. Do i have to take Culturelle ? or just change my diet and try to take mints ? i don’t have this problem before. And as i mentioned, it happens around the midday and won’t have after than. I’m a healthy person, 5,9 tall and weight 175. Thank you in advance. Have a great day.

Doctor: I would go to see your doctor and get tested for acid reflux. They will do a barrium test on you. I have a feeling that is the problem.