Patient: My LMP is 04 November 2011.But I am pregnant(5 weeks 6 days) now.According to LMP,Is it correct day.Is my pregnancy safe? am I in problem?I am suffering for upper abdomen(stomachache)pain from 25 Days.I have consulted doctor.But she said”its common thing during pregnancy.Someone will get and someone will not get”.I used Buscopan,meftal tablets,Maintain 250 Mg Injection and Pantaprozol Tablet.This medicine is not working.But My condition in stomach is normal(scan report says no abnormal condition in stomach and Fetal pole are noted.Uterus shows single live intra-uterine gestation,corresponds to 5 weeks 6 days.).But the pain is severe.What can I do? Please help me.What is the problem to get stomachache during pregnancy.Is the condition serious? Give me the complete suggestion.