Stopped Birth Control After 2 months and still no period

Patient: I took generess fe for 2 months and had serious problems with it. Uncontrollable mood swings, burst of anger, dizziness, feeling faint, cramps, brownish colored secretion from the vaginal area, and constant bleeding. I stopped taking the pills after I couldn’t take any more of the pain. I has now been a month and I have still not had a period, I recently had to have surgery on my finger and they tested me to see if I was pregnant at the hospital; it of course came up negative, but I still haven’t had a period and I feel more and more light headed as the days go on along with cramps, back pains, and breast tenderness. I have an appointment in November to talk about getting an IUD, but im still very worried because of my lack of period. I haven’t even spotted. Is this normal?

Symptoms: No period, dizziness, cramps, back pain, breast tenderness, and mood swings