Stopping contractions on repeat c section

Patient: I need some answers. I am not understanding something. I am almost 39 weeks pregnant, and I keep having regular contractions. My dr. Keeps stoping them. The part that I’m not understanding is that with my two first kids I had c sections. So I’m considered a high risk, so why does she keeps stopping them?

Symptoms: Contractions

Doctor: The timing of a Caesarean section is entirely at your ObGyn’s discretion and the period of gestation at which this is t o be done is a function of the sonographical age of pregnancy, rather than that calculated from the date of last menstrual periods. Please call the physician’s office and if required, have a talk with your ObGYn to clarify your doubts. Onset of labour on a Caesarean uterus may cause scar give-away, which is a life threatening emergency.