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Stops showed up on anus a week after protected anal

Patient: Last week I had anal sex for the first time. Over the last two or three days, I have developed what i thought to be a diaper rash but there are spots of fresh skin around my anus.



Symptoms: Dipar rash burn sensation in anus.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The atypical appearance of skin tags around the anal canal foll owing an anal intercourse are likely to be anal warts secondary to HPV infection or a herpes HSV 1 manifestation. This is transference of an std from your partner to you. please get a swab test for culture and serology to isolate the cause and confirm/ rule out the viral cause and also get an STD screen done.If possible you can send the pictures of the skin tags which can help us diagnose in a better manner.I hope I have addressed your concern,Wishing you good health,Regards

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Patient: These are the images. Is HPV or HSV 1 curable?

Doctor: These are herpes lesions and should be confirmed by a swab test first. Yes they are treatable with anti viral. Please visit your physical for a lab test.

Patient: If this is in fact herpes, how come I didn’t get it in my mouth? I preformed unprotected oral sex, but had protected anal sex.

Doctor: i would still suggest a swab test for the same , as there are blood tinged lesions around and inflammation and swelling also present. They do appear like herpetic lesions and i agree with your argument that you had protected anal sex, hence would like to add that this may be latex allergic reaction as well. please get the test done.


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