Strange Allergy

Patient: I have extreme vaginal itching and irritation and I just had Paragard IUD inserted. Am I allergic to it?

Doctor: You have complained of vaginal itching with irritation, recently inserted with an IUD. Paragard IUD is a copper contain ing intra uterine contraceptive device. Paragard IUD is relative very safe method of contraception for longer period though has few side effects like disturbances in periods, cramps and may include a slightly increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease. If not inserted in sterile condition can lead to infection. Rarely can cause ectopic pregnancy and infertility. Your complaints mostly point towards either vaginal infection or allergy. Allergy due to IUD devices is controversial, as many studies do not support that IUD can cause allergy. So your condition can be vaginal infection, as IUD do not protect you from STDs. Consult the gynecologist who has inserted the device and get examined in person for further management.