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Patient: Well im a 18 years old female very strong and healthy im an athlete and i good shape ut im experiencing mild back pains.but as a child growing up i would get these strange back spasms that last 5-7 mins.i would be in alot of pain then they would jus go away and i would be 100 percent fine. as i got older the cramps wouldnt happen as much. but when i was youner i would get them about twice a month now i get them about once every 3months.i was wondering if these back pains need to be checked out?




Doctor: Muscle cramps/spasms are extremely common, and nearly everyone experiences a cramp/spasm at some time in their life. Cra mps are common in adults and become increasingly frequent with aging. However, children also experience cramps. Any of the muscles that are under our voluntary control (skeletal muscles) can cramp. Cramps of the extremities, especially the legs and feet, and most particularly the calf (the classic “charley horse”), are very common. Muscle cramps are felt to be caused by excessively excited nerves that stimulate the muscles. This can occur particularly after injury to nerve and/or muscle; dehydration with low blood levels of calcium, magnesium, or potassium; from certain medications; and even at rest. On the other hand, you are an athlete so it is very important before to do any exercise or straining physical activity to have an initial warm-up and stretching of the muscles, also when you start an exercise routine the demands have to be progressive and gradual, and the time and days that you dedicate to exercise must be consistent and regular to avoid injuries. Do not strain too much at the beginning without proper warm-up and stretch, listen to your body.

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