Strange bumps on genitals, worries about STD

Patient: I believe that I may have contracted herpes or some other type of STD and would like to get an opinion other then my own on the matter about some bumps that I have on my genitals.

Symptoms: I have red bumps on my penis and scrotum that look like they have darkened or slightly black skin at the top of the bumps, they are not sore or itchy. There is three of these red bumps and they aren’t clumped together. I also have what seems like a rash with a number of red bumps ,different from the ones described before, near my anus. The bumps near my anus are occasionally itchy and are slightly tender to the touch. At first there was only a couple of these bumps but then about two days later there was more in the same area.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.From your history, it does s ound like you acquired herpes genitalia ( HSV-2 ) infection.You need to get yourself tested for the same. You should get HSV-1/2 IGG, IGM antibody testing done.Also, to reduce the severity and recurrence your doctor may prescribe Valacyclovir to you till your symptoms subside.Hope this was helpful,Regards