Strange Bumps on Scrotum?

Patient: Strange bump on my scrotum, it has been there for about a year, started at 15 I’m currently 16, I am not sexually active. If i’m not mistaking it appeared after scratching my scrotum and might have cut myself. I am unsure. Its just that its bothering me knowing its there. There is no pain coming from it, its just annoying. There is no itchiness as well.At first it started off as a single inflamed bump with puss etc but over the months died down and healed eventually turning into a smaller bump which broke apart and became three smaller ones. I don’t know what this is. I just want to get rid of it. Any ideas on how to do so and what this might be based on the info I gave?

Symptoms: None at all, just the bumps I described, they don’t prohibit me from doing anything, and are not noticeable to me unless I touch them or lift up the scrotal sack for a view of the bumps.

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