Strange feelings inside after eating sugar.

Patient: Hello. I have been having strange sensations and feelings in my right arm, right leg, and right 1/4 side of my head after eating sugar. The inside…almost around the bone feels quite odd, it’s hard to describe. I can still feel the affected areas, and there’s normal blood flow. But when I eat sugar it has the strangest feeling. This is the 3rd time I’ve had them. It happens when I eat sugar but goes away after a few days of not eating sugar…could this be a sign of diabetes? I’ve never read any forums or other sites of which people have had the same sensation from eating sugar. I’m quite a hypochondriac…I’m worried half the time only though because I keep reminding myself it’ll go away eventually. My skin gives no indication that there’s an issue, and my muscles are fine as I can walk and lift things easily. Any help would be appreciated…thanks.

Symptoms: Strange feeling on the inside of right arm leg and side of face after eating sugar…there’s no verb I can think of to describe it.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that the sensation you are feeling throughout your body after eating sugar m ay be due to a sudden elevation in your blood sugar. This may not be a sign of diabetes but you may be developing glucose intolerance which is a precursor to diabetes. We would like you to refrain from consuming any added sugar in your diet until after you are fully evaluated by a doctor. You will need to have a fasting blood sugar blood test, along with a special blood test to measure your hemoglobin A1c levels. This provides information as to how well your body has been controlling fluctuating blood sugar levels in over the last three months. Please see your doctor to begin this evaluation process.Thank you for consulting