Strange lower back pain

Patient: I been having this weird lower back pain on my right side … It weird because its not aching mucles or stiff back which i get often, so i know what it feels like and this pain is neither . Doesnt hurt when i put pressure but it hurts if im sitting standing and do any sort of stretching or bending . It even hurts lay down on that side ? …. What could this be should i seek medical help ?

Symptoms: Sharp pain

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that this one sided lower back pain may be due to impingement of the nerves supplying the muscles of this area of the back. This can be caused sitting for excessive lengths of time or it can be caused by a herniated intervertebral disc. In order to have a better inference as to what is causing this pain, it would be best to have a through examination performed by your medical doctor in person. You may also need to have an x ray performed of your lower back to elucidate if there are also any degenerative changes in your lumbar spine. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for consulting