Strange penis/stomach issue.

Patient: I think this embarrassing situation all began when I was masturbating one morning and humping a pillow, then I had walked out of my room and into my home office naked … it’s complicated, I couldn’t get to any clothes. It was freezing and without heat at my place, so my pinus was still erect and it never fully retracted at the top. Next day or so I checked on it and the dick still hadn’t gone in there completely also this is when I noticed some tiny dark dent-like things at the bottom backside area of the pinus, these look like skin lumps when stretched. they are now located all around my pinus, very small and hard to see. At the same time I discovered a icky redness (swollen) skin when the pinus is pulled back, also when I pull it back this reeking smell is sent to my nostrils from down there. Also I have sharp pains all around my groins area sometimes and burning urination after exercise. Also I have this stomach problem that has destroyed my social life and leaves me wanting to die, my tummy is always rumbling like crazy, and it doesn’t sound natural, like I’m pregnant or something. Along with that I have gasses a lot, this is slightly better if I don’t eat anything for a full day.I apologize for the lengthy description, one more thing is that I’m seventeen and a virgin, though I did have oral sex when I was very little. Thank you.

Symptoms: Smelly pinus, red skin when pinus is retracted, sharp pains in groins area, unnaturally bent pinus, skin lumps all over pinus, pinus swells up very fat after exercise, continuous burning urination after exercise, pinus is fat at the tip, pinus head doesn’t retract fully anymore not as easily aroused, stomach aches, almost constant embarrassing stomach noises (it sounds like a soup boiling), off and on gas issues (burping and farting), once in a while throwing up.

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.You seem to have diverse problems that do not fully correlate to each other as per th e brief description provided. Please make sure you do not have infections.I would recommend you to visit your Physician to have the further treatment plan.