Strange “Period”..Miscarriage?..Pregnant?

Patient: I am a 31 yr. old female. I have been off of birth control since June and have not conceived. I have had a period every month since I came off the pill, although they have varied in cycle legnth. This past cycle, I had sex 1 day before I ovulated (or atleast I believe I OV, I had symptoms of it). Starting 2 days later, I had a dull, constant cramping for 10 days (didn’t hurt, more annoying then anything). That stopped and 2 days later I started getting real cramps, but only on my left side. Now, I have never cramped for more then an hour or 2 prior to AF beginning, it has never only been on 1 side and has never has lasted longer then an hour or two into AF. I thought AF was going to start..nothing. I had the same thing happen for the next 4 days..spiratic cramps on the left side but no AF(after 3 days of it, I did test and it said negative). On the night of the 5th day of this, I got a migraine which is not something I normally get. The next morning I woke with spotting and thought AF was starting. An hour later, I was overcome by the most severe cramps I have ever had..I was in tears and the pain was taking my breath away. It was also accompanied by pretty heavy bleeding. For the next 4 days, I went between feeling no pain and having minimal bleeding to sudden onset of cramps again and the bleeding picked up. The bleeding completely stopped mid-day yesterday (which was the 4th day), not even the yucky remnants after the period. But I still have cramps today. What is going on?? Did I miscarry? Is my body really just acting crazy trying to renormalize itself after being on BCP for years? Why do I still have cramps??