Strange premature ejaculation

Patient: I am relatively sexually inexperienced- but I’ve noticed this may have gotten progressively worse as I got older. When I was younger I use to masturbate to ejaculate, nowadays, when I masturbate I barely last 2 minutes, and if I am with a girl than time is lucky to be longer than 20 seconds. Even kissing can put me over the edge with rubbing. I’ve tried to study my own body and it’s responses and I’ve decided it’s a neurological or physiological symptom. When I masturbate to the point of ejaculation, I stop, then If I touch it again, 2 seconds later I’ll have to stop again. I did this process once for almost 10 minutes – no matter what – I would not be able to proceed with ejaculating. I notice that if I have sexual thoughts I have less chance of preventing ejaculation. My question is, I am hyper sensitive, yet normal healthy human being. I may have some anxiety, but otherwise I am a calm well presented man. But my weakness is sexual – which is a pity because I have such a DESIRE for sex. But I can’t control myself. What do I do!