Strep Throat Concern, will I require a throat swab?

Patient: Hello, I have a docotor appointment later today, and I am concerned about the strep test or throat culture. I do not think I have strep throat, but I do have a slightly sore throat. I don’t show any other symptoms besides a general ill feeling. I believe I just have a virus that is going around, but I am still really worried. My main question is, do you think my doctor will find it neccesary to preform the strep test on me? My mom asked them not to, but I am still worried. Please provide any insight you have!

Doctor: If you have fever, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes on the neck, there is a high chance that you may be having strep throat and your doctor may not need to take a throat swab and may treat you emperically. Though I would presume, he would get a throat swab done if he found your symptoms to be indicative of strep throat. A throat swab is routinely performed and only causes a slight momentary discomfort.