Strep Throat Healing Do I Still Need a Doctor??

Patient: Hello,I woke up with a sore throat on this past Thursday. Later I developed a fever, chills, and white spots and inflammation on my tonsils. I’ve had strep before and this seems like the proper diagnosis, but it’s Monday now and I’ve already begun to heal. The sore throat is not as intense, the white patches are almost completely gone, no aches, fevers, or chills. My question is do I still go to the doctor for a prescription even though I feel a lot better? I heard that strep can heal on its own in 3-7 days, but I’ve also heard that there can be serious complications in rare instances if left untreated and that I would be contagious for up to 3 weeks without antibiotics. I have to pay a 30 dollar copay to see a doctor and 15 for a prescription, so I’m wondering if it’s worth it or is it OK if I don’t see a doctor because I am feeling better.

Doctor: Sore throat many time resolves by it self by a week. Since the symptoms are reducing, you mostly don’t require a consult ation. Consume good diet with good precautions, maintain oral hygiene, do mouth gargles regularly. But be cautious, if fever rises, or pain increases. You might require to consult a physician if the cough persists for longer periods. Little isolation for few days can help you preventing in infecting others.

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Guest: well I’ve been taking medicine and even drink hot tea and other stuff and my throat still hurts and I can barley talk should I be concern