Strep Throat, may be something else!?

Patient: About 3 weeks ago I had a slight sore throat. The next week I went to the ER, the rapid strep was neg, cultured was positive. I looked in my throat to find it to be very red, lumpy, and I had a small white pus pocket in the back of my throat. They said this was normal for strep. Two days after I went to the ER my throat no longer hurt. The prescribed Amoxicillian 250 mg. I finished all the antibiotics and now three weeks later MY THROAT LOOKS THE SAME!!! Still no pain or anything but it still looks the same. I should probably mention that my throat didn’t get all lumpy or have the pus pocket til after the first time I went to the hospital and started the antibiotics. I went 3 times. So, is there something else going on here? Should I go back to the DR, or get a second, or 4th in my case, opinion? Should I be concerned?

Doctor: It does seem that you were suffering from a strep throat given the symptoms along with the positive throat swab culture. The fact that you fo not have any pain means that the infection has been cured. The white spots could be remants which may be able to scrape off . You should see a physician in person to try that. It could also be some form of fungal infection for which you will have to get checked. While this is nothing extremely concerning , you may need to seek medical advice in person. All the best.