Strep Throat: pain and lacking the ability to easily breath

Patient: Hi, i am 13 years old and I think I have strep throat and I couldn’t fall asleep last night at all. The pain in my tonsils hurt so bad that I found my self hardly able to swallow, but the scariest part is that I can’t breath and find myself choking just to get a breath of air.

Symptoms: Can’t breath
Sleepless nights

Doctor: Thank you for your question. If you believe that you have a streptococcal throat infection, or tonsillitis it is best th at you proceed to have your throat examined by your doctor and be treated with antibiotics. The fact that you are having trouble breathing leads us to believe that the inflammation in your throat is causing so much swelling that is is disturbing the function of your epiglottis, which is a elastic cartilaginous flap that covers the glottis. It is through this area that air enters the lungs. Any inflammation of the epiglottis can result in difficulty breathing such as yours. Please see your doctor as soon as you can.Thank you for choosing