Strep throat with a very stiff back of neck

Patient: I have viral tonsillitis and recently went to the clinic in suspect of strep throat. It came back positive and I have been on antibiotics feeling much better (its been 5 days now). However, the right/back side of my neck is extremely sore now for almost 4 days and seems to be getting worse. My neck was sore all over (but mild) prior to my antibiotics from swelling. Now though it is only on that one side and it is so sore that it keeps me up through the night, and very difficult to move my head. It does not feel like a cramp you get from sleeping on it wrong although I can’t be entirely sure. Should I be concerned? I ask especially because the pain is so profound.

Symptoms: Positive testing for strep throat, very painful stiff back of neck

Doctor: Hello,cervical ache is uncommon in cases of streptococcal infection of the throat, but possible due to sometimes ext ension of infection and involving posterior paravertebral space causing stiffness. If the pain is increasing continuously then it is a cause of concern and needs evaluation with an MRI scan to look for any para vertebral abscess.It is better to rule it out. Please visit your physician for a local exam and evaluation.Regards,