Strep throat..I think.

Patient: I have a very soar throat and one white spot on the very back it’s hard to swallow and I’m sure it’s strep throat is there anything I can take at home instead of going to the doctors office I have no Insurance.

Symptoms: Coughing, runny nose, headache that comes and goes

Doctor: For actual Strep throat infection visit to your doctor is must because you may need antibiotics & other medicines to get rid of it.White thing is, may be because of involvement of Tonsils.Presently take adequate rest, plenty of warm fluids, with lemon & honey, do frequent warm saline rinses and avoid irritants like cold drinks, ice creams, spicy & sour food etc. For pain OTC analgesics can be taken.It could be just a viral infection also which should be better 3-4 days, if doesn’t pl consult your doctor.