Stretched bladder?

Patient: I urinate infrequently, and my bladder seems to hold a lot more fluid than that of most people I know (either that or they just get the urge to urinate with a lesser amount of fluid in the bladder than I do). A while ago I decided I wanted to measure how much my bladder holds when it feels very full, and that was 940 ml. I think I would still have been able to hold it for a while longer at that point.It wasn’t like this when I was younger – I remember getting that distinct “desperate” urge to urinate when I was younger, but I never do now.I have no problems with urinating when I do go to the bathroom, and I have a strong, steady stream. I never leak or have pains, and I have never had a UTI.Is this something that can cause problems later in life even though I’m not experiencing any problems with it now?