Stroke caused by blood clot from colonoscopy repair

Patient: My husband had a colonoscopy Feb 12, began bleeding rectally 2 days later. had to have perforation surgery performed. The surgery was a success and no more bleeding but on Aug 31 he suffered a cerebellar ischemic stroke on both sides of his head which the drs say is rare. He has no risk factors, does not smoke, no plaque, diabetes or high blood pressure. I am wondering if the colonoscopy repair could have caused a deferred stroke with a clot from the surgery in February? His doctors think the time period is too long but I have done some reading and it seems it could be possible. Would like an independent opinion.

Doctor: Thank you for your question.The time frame of events does not lend support to the idea the events are connected.A stroke is an instant rapid event in time. While there are risk factors that make some people more prone to strokes than others, everyone is at risk of an iscemic stroke by virtue of age.A stroke related to surgical procedures will occur within the first week post operatively. If it is an inpatient procedure where the patient is immobilized after surgery, anti clotting medications are often given.A stroke more than 1 month after a surgical procedure would be an unrelated health event.Sorry for your family’s trying times.

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