Stroke in Children and Recurrence

Patient: My 3 year old son had a stroke (blood clot) few weeks ago. right side was paralized for few hours and he was released from Joe DiMagios childrens hospital four days later. he is doing fine but no reason was found for the stroke. he is on aspirin as a precaution for next 2 years. my question is: is there any studies for children having a stroke this early how many of them have a stroke later on their life?

Doctor: As parents it is difficult to associate stroke with children and I understand your concern. although stroke is seen more frequently in the elderly, it can sometimes effect children too. This risk is generally greatest in the first year of life. The risk of stroke in children is nearly 11 per 100,000 children per year and is one of the top 10 causes of death in children. The most common risk factors for stroke in children are sickle cell disease and congenital or acquired heart disease. Other risk factors include head and neck infections, autoimmune disorders, head trauma, dehydration and infections. Studies have found that 20% of children who have had a stroke will have recurrent episodes, thus it is important to make a diagnosis and then take steps to prevent future episodes.