Stuck Phlegm in my Throat

Patient: I’ve been experiencing like something is stuck in my throat (like dry phlegm) over the last month. It is somewhat difficult to swallow my own saliva. I’ve also been experienced swollen tonsils during the same time period (my tonsils have always been large, but I think this time they are somewhat larger than usual). I had a throat culture performed and the results indicated a moderate growth of Staphylococcus aureus. The Dr. prescribed moxifloxacin for seven days but the tonsils won’t go down and the globus sensation on the throat is still there, even though it is less pronounced.Then I went to my PCP and she told me that I was suffering from Rhinitis and that the globus sensation was due to the post-nasal drip caused by the Rhinitis. She also mentioned that this may cause the tonsils to get swollen. She prescribed Nasonex and a decongestant. Does it really take that long for this to “cure” (the stuck mucus and the swollen tonsils)?As a note appart, I started feeling this after an endoscopy was performed in which I was diagnosed with acute gastritis and esophagitis (grade A).

Symptoms: Mucus (phlegm) stuck in my throat and enlarged tonsils. Post-nasal drip.