Stunted hair growth

Patient: I know this sounds crazy. but my hair doesnt grow. it hasnt grown in over a year. what can i do to for it to begin growing again

Symptoms: dry lifless hair

Doctor: Hello,I understand that you are having difficulty about your hair not growing.Physical illnesses like fever, hepatit is, chronic illness like inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, hypothyroidism, severe anaemia, crash dieting and poor nutrition are some of the causes for the hair growth to get stunted or arrested.Please get a blood work done including hemoglobin, serum ferritin and thyroid profile.Any underlying abnormality should be addressed appropriately.You could take oral supplements containing biotin, cysteine and methionine for 3-4 months.You should have a healthy diet rich in proteins.Hope this helps you.Take care.

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Guest: White hair solution