Sub chorionic haematoma

Patient: I just recently had a dating scan for my second pregnancy and when I saw the doctor to get the results she said I had a small bleed. She asked if I had been bleeding to which I replied no I hadn’t noticed anything so she didn’t appear worried about it. I think I was too stunned at the time to ask any questions but now I’m a little concerned. How did this happen? Is it something I have done to cause it? Should I be taking it easy? What happens if I do start bleeding? I am now 9 weeks, the scan was done at 7 weeks 5 days. The bleed is a sub chorionic haematoma superior to cervix measuring 13x13x26mm

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.The possible causes of subchorionic hematoma are sometimes gr owing gestational sac can damage the surrounding blood vessels, during the process of abortion separation of a gestational sac can lead to collection of blood etc.But as you are not having pain abdomen, bleeding per vaginum etc, there is less possibility of miscarriage.Usually, small subchorionic hematomas will get absorb soon.Please go for repeat ultrasound after two weeks, which can help in finding out whether hematoma got absorbed or not.Meanwhile, if pain abdomen or bleeding per vaginum occurs consult your doctor once and get examined. Take care.