Subchorionic Hematoma

Patient: I am 9 weeks pregnant. I went to the E.R because I accidentally got kicked in the stomach by a small child. I found out that I have a small tear in the placenta and also SCH. The E.R doctor told me that I have extra placenta and to wait a week (my next OB appointment) to see if I healed correctly. This is my first pregnancy and there has been no bleeding and only very mild cramps. I have been put on bed rest, but cannot stop worrying. What are the chances that this will heal on it’s own?

Doctor: Hello.thanks for contacting subchorionic hematoma is a concern if it keeps growing and bleeding i s not stopped. It grows between the placenta and the uterus seperating the blood supply to the fetus . If it remains bleeding then it can grow and cause placental seperation and abortion…hence strict bed rest is advised.However ,the bleeding generally gets controlled in early trimester and uf the bleeding is not revealed then a concealed variety can continue pregnancy even till term as the placenta shall grow and occupy a larger area of the uterus. Hence presently rest is required along with progesterone support till mid secon trimester and follow up ultrasound is required to assess the condition 3 weekly.I hope i have answered your query in detail.wishing uou a safe pregnancy.regards