Subchroinic Hammoerhage gone?

Patient: I started bleeding, light bleed with brown blood in 6th week and continued for 12-15 days with sometimes passing clots and sometimes stains. Docs confirmed its 2cm SCH and a threatened abortion. But everytime they did ultrasound there was strong heartbeat of my baby. They also told me my cervix is also slightly open which could lead to miscarriage. I just left it to god and let nature take its course. I was tired of miltiple abdomen and vaginal Ultrasound everytime. My last ultrasound was at 8 weeks and still strong heartbeat and a fit and fine fetus. but docs cudnt evaluate if the clotstill existed. After this i told myself, no more ultrasound and no more doc visits. I will just continue my normal routine and lets see what happens. From 8 weeks onwards bleeding became very very slight and finally by 9 weeks completely stopped !! I am 12 weeks now with no bleeding and no complications felt. Could this mean the haemmorrhage has resolved itself? I dont want to go for doc soon. Do u think its gone?