Suboptimal hypertension and diabetic control increases risks of cardiovascular complications

Patient: I am a 46yers old female.i have hypertension from past 15 years but i start to take medicine regularly from last 1 year.Before that i took only symptomatic treatment for headaches etc. caused by high blood pressure.first i took ramipril along with many tranquliserz but couldnot control my BP. that time my BP was 190/115 average.after that i am taking Olmesartan 20mg+amlodipine10mg but my BP still remain 160/105 average.when i checked blood suger 3 months ago it was 324 on 4 or 5 occasions and for that im taking glucophage+glucobay. that also does not seem to be helpful. i did my test for Lipid profile,liver profile,blodd urea+creatinine ,and urine R/E..abnormal values in these tests are(Lipid profile}Triglycerides 243mg/dlV.L.D.L 49 mg/dlcholesterol/HDLcholestrl ratio 5.1(Liver function test)Gamma G.t 83 U/Lglobulins 3.6 G/dlA/G ratio 1.0now i want to ask what should i do further?

Doctor: Target blood pressure in diabetic patients is