Sudden Erection problems: What are the causes?

Patient: I am a healthy 23 year old heterosexual male. I used to have healthy erections when I was with my partner just a month back. But, since college got over and she left for her home, I am not able to have any erections for almost a month now. I tried masturbating once after that, and had got an erection then. But, after just 3-4 days after that day, I tried masturbating, but did not get any erection much to my surprise. Since then, I have tried both porn and manual stimulation. Just no erections. Although, I have no problems with ejaculation. I am ejaculating even with a limp penis. I also had nocturnal emissions a few times during this period and have woken up with a hard penis quite a few times in this period too. I am still a virgin. I am really freaking out now as I cannot fathom how something like this can happen in just a couple of days. What do I do?

Doctor: Since you are having night time erections as well as you have had normal erections in the past , the symptoms you are ex periencing may be pyschological and stress related. You need to keep a watch on the symptoms and in case it continues you should consult a physician in person to rule out any organic cause like back issues or diabetes etc which can lead to this problem.All the best.