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Sudden leg aches last night, faint positive pregnancy test, recurrent miscarriages

Patient: Hi,I’ve had 3 miscarriages in a row and am waiting to be seen by a specialist.My next period is due tomorrow and I had a faint positive pregnancy test yesterday.Last night whilst in bed, I experienced extreme aches in my legs – so much so that I couldn’t sleep, and I couldn’t keep my legs still. I also felt very hot to the touch, but I felt very cold in myself.I took paracetamol which did seem to help.Today, I feel pretty much normal aside from slight aches and pins and needles.I’ve only had leg aches once before, and that was around the time of one of my previous miscarriages.Could the symptoms I experienced be anything to do with pregnancy/recurrent miscarriages?I appreciate it could be totally unrelated. Either way, I felt very poorly and quite scared as I don’t know why I felt so bad. Many thanks.



Symptoms: Recurrent miscarriages
Faint positive pregnancy test
Extreme and sudden leg aches
High temperature but feeling cold



Doctor: Thank you for your query.When miscarriages have been there and that too 3 in just 7 months means recurrent pregnancy l oss. Actually when there is a pregnancy loss, the reason for the same has to be carefully ascertained and apt precautions are to be taken prior to planning for another pregnancy. With each loss of the pregnancy the probability of losing the next will start increasing unless the exact reason is ascertained .You may be having an early pregnancy because of which there was a faint positive pregnancy test. Miscarriages can be due to various reasons like immune problems, hormonal imbalance, maternal age etc. Since you already have a daughter it is less likely to be an anomaly in the uterus. Appropriate investigations need to be done and empirically treatment is to be started to prevent the loss of pregnancy.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.


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