Sudden loss of morning wood/daytime(regular) erections, 17 y

Patient: Sudden loss of morning wood/daytime(regular) erections, 17 years old, healthy(only very mild prostatitis), please help!

Symptoms: Hello, this is a very embarrassing concern, but it is getting out of hand enough for me to ask for advice. About a month ago I woke up one day after masturbating the previous day and felt something strange about my morning erection, didn’t go crazy and just proceeded with the day. The next day I woke up and had a very weak, probably 60-70% morning wood, felt a little strange but continued the day. Since then I am unable to wake up with a morning erection. Initially it was almost impossible for me to even achieve an erection without watching porn(I began abstaining from porn a few days before I relapsed and masturbated to it, something I would do 1-3 times a day since the age of 10, I’m 17 now, healthy diet/exercise) and even then, it would subside within a few seconds after no stimulation. Now I’m at the point where I can only achieve weak erections that stay for a few seconds while sitting and only with stimulation, and I have noticed that my glans(head) is smaller than usual and only holds blood for a few seconds before it goes down. When I went to the urologist(very mild prostatitis issue) I asked him about this and he said that it’s in my head and I should test it out with a girl and then I’ll see. Could it be a result from abstinence from porn or what? What freaks me out is that it happened so suddenly and the glans getting small. Thanks in advance and sorry about the long essay, I’m just extremely worried.