Sudden pubic ace breakout?

Patient: (female) i recently got 4 pimples on my pubic area. not on the genitalia itself but on the area above where the hair grows. 3 were simple because i just popped them and they went away but the fourth is extremely hard large and painful it feels like a cystic pimple. it is red and irritated and like i said IT HURTS it is always aching and when i touch it, its a sharp pain. ive been able to get puss out of it twice but it isnt subsiding. in fact its getting more painful i cant take it any longer and i dont know what else to do!! i have never in my entire experienced acne in this spot and it is so random. i have been sexually active for 2 years but in the past 6 months i have only been with one guy. we always use protection and i am 90% positive we are std free. the only reason i could think that this would happen would be because the day before getting them i used a new brand of razor, what do you think they are and HOW DO I GET RID OF IT? i seriously need help ­čÖü (the picture has one of the pimple and one of what came out)

Symptoms: Painful red cystic pimple

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