Sudden Unconsciousness and Vomiting

Patient: Hello,I was in a movie theater with my family when my stepmother felt my dads head lay on her shoulder. She first thought he was joking but actually he had been passed out for atleast a minute. Before he came to he began projectile vomiting. I immediately came to his aid to keep him from falling out his seat and ease hit breathing and noticed his arms were stiff as a board and still he was blacked out. After another minute of so he came to and there was luckily an emt nearby that asked him several questions like his age and such to make sure he was competent and rule out brain damage factors. The Paramedics arrived shortly thereafter and took his blood pressure and sugar level. His numbers were not out the normal, and he refused to go to the hospital. Its been several hours and he says he feels better but the whole family is worried. My question is should we be concerned that it could be diabetes? Family history only shows that his grandmother had it. I personally think he ate something that didnt agree with his stomach and all the blood went to his stomach. My father is 48, caucasian,

Doctor: Thank you for your question. If this was diabetes related, it would have been evident on the blood monitoring by the par amedics. It is possible that your father experienced a seizure, which is caused by an outburst of brain activity. We recommend that your dad follow up with a neurologist to be evaluated for seizure disorder. This is concerning, as it can reoccur at any time, even while he is driving which can be life threatening. Please encourage him to go to the hospital for evaluation.Thank you for consulting