Suddenly allergic to most things

Patient: For almost a year now, my mother has suddenly become allergic to a wide range of things. From yeast to dust to laundry detergent, even bottled water (it has to be in a can or glass bottle). It has become overwhelming and no one, not even her doctors, seem to know what to do about it. Just smelling these things will cause her to have a reaction. Any ideas on what this could be?

Symptoms: itching, dizzy spells, throat swelling and burning, headaches, loss of hair, memory issues

Doctor: Allergies are usually common in adolescents to adults and decrease by adult age group. Since your mother is having aller gies at this age, which is quiet rare, she must have been immune-compromised. Her blood must be investigated for CBP and few markers to evaluate her immune status. Treat it as severe condition and seek an experienced physician advice at the earliest.

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Patient: Thank you so much! Having some direction is helpful! Could you elaborate on CBP? Is this complete Blood Picture or something else that she should be asking for? She lives in a relatively small town and needs to stick with veterans doctors due to insurance reasons, so sometimes her doctors miss things that are a bit unusual. Thank you again!!!