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Suffering from asthma and obesity - Need help!

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hi, im 16 im 14 stone, i have really bad asthma and find it hard to do much exercise, i eat normal and watch what i eat but i never seem to lose weight, i get badly bullied because of my weight and i have really had enough, is there anything i can do?


I do understand your problem with asthma and weight gain. Not only is it difficult to do certain exercises with asthma but certain asthma medications (corticosteroids) can increase your hunger and also lead to weight gain.
It is important to have a focused attitude and I am encouraged that you are willing to take the appropriate steps of deal with both asthma and weight loss. Studies have shown that weight loss has benefited women with asthma. Reducing body weight should decrease the prevalence of asthma, or at least decrease asthma related symptoms or admission to the hospital.
The first important step you need to take is to talk to your doctor and plan an appropriate diet and medical plan. You will also need to chalk a diet that avoids foods rich in calories. Eating more fruits and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains will help.
An active lifestyle is a necessary component for weight loss. Be sure to talk to your doctor before you start any new exercise routine. Certain cardio exercise have been known to benefit asthmatics. Engage in activities that require deep breathing.  Some examples of this are Tai Chi and yoga.
It is important that you never give up. Often you can encourage other family members to also follow your healthy lifestyle if you are determined. I wish you well, take care.

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