Suffering from dust allergy

Patient: Hello i am 21 years old .i am from India. Till the age of 15-16 years i was not allowed to eat sour items,cold items.Also i was not alloed to play in the dust.If i do i would get serious cough and wheezing. Initially my parents used to consult a ENT doctor,later because of my wheezing problems they shifted to a pulmonologist,he prescribed me some tablets and rotacaps which i have to take daily in the beginning.Later on the dose got decreased,now ii have to use roatacaps only when needed.But my nose is always runny 365 days a year.It gets irritated with dust.I can feel a block in my head from the nose to the ear and sometimes to the eyes.The rotacaps i am currently using are Essiflo 250(Fluticasone + Salmeterol).I dont which disease i have.Is it sinusitis,allergy or some lung problem.Please help me

Symptoms: Runny nose,sneezing,