Suffering from low blood pressure, possible anemia

Patient: Hello, a male that I know, is suffering from nausea, light headedness (fainting occurs), and occasionally has low blood pressure. He is 18 years old, did not suffer from any health problems before, suddenly, he no longer has appetite for food, and almost every time he eats, he throws it all up. I don’t believe that the doctors he’s been going to lately are doing a good job other than giving him blood tests and not knowing what to do about the results. They have given him glucose for some reason, I will type the results below, hope it helps.Urine Analysis Reportcolor: yellowspecific gravity: 1.015glucose: negativeprotein: negativeketone: negativenitrite: negativepH: 5bilirubin, urobillinogen, blood, and leukocytes: negativeMicroscopic Examination normal rangeWBC: 6-8 /HPF 0-8 /HPFRBC:8-10 /HPF 0-2 /HPFcasts: not seencrystals: not seennegativemucus: presentepithelial: fewbacteria: rare

Symptoms: Light headedness, fainting, low blood pressure, nausea, lack of appetite