Sugar Problems

Patient: Hi doctor, i dont know i i had doabetes but i had some problems after eating sugars lately and i stope eating completly. When i eat cakes , chocolate and other lets say “hard” sugar , nex day i feel bad, i feel a bit angry, less strentgh in arms and i am pale . But if i drink juice, any even homemade where there is aded 1 kg of sugar on 1 l of fresh juice i have no problem , i i drink it i am fine but if i eat it i feel bad usually next day and on first day i have a bit of sugar rush .

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Many individuals have sensitivity to refined sugar contained in cakes, chocolate or sweeten ed drinks. This by no means is a diagnosis of diabetes. If you are experiencing these symptoms from ingesting foods or drinks prepared with refined sugar, it is best to avoid them. It may be that you may also have food allergies which require further investigation. You will be required to see an allergist to conduct testing to see what specific foods you are allergic to.Thank you for choosing