Suggesion for skipped heart beat

Patient: Hello sirMy(weight-112…..height-6.2 inchs)two days earlier i felt a random skipped heart beat…i started crying and started vomiting (may be for tension)…i felt a skipped beat sensation in my previous years but it was like a skipped beat only one in 4 or 8 or even in 1 naturally i was not so much scared…but still i got afraid and i checked ecg and blood for 2 times all came normal..i have a panic attacks and anxiety sir what i will do now….i was feeling like i will have a heart attack..(when my heart skipped beats)…now 2 days gone i am felling normal but i am always getting worried that if its start again..what i will do..plz sir give me some suggestions.

Symptoms: Skipped heart beat once in a year but felt random skipped heart beat 2 days before

Doctor: Thanks for consulting ATD.Skipped or irregular heart beat is called arrhythmia. There are different types of it and t here exist many reasons for that. Most common causes are conductive system disorders of heart, ischemic and valvular heart disease, electrolyte imbalance, thyroid disorders, anxiety disorders, etc. In your case, it seems anxiety is the triggering factor for this. Try to reason yourself about panic or anxiety episodes. Consult psychiatrist for assistance in this regard. Consult physician for further evaluation to find the correct cause for this. Hope the topic is clear now.Have a nice day.