Suggestions for additional tests I should have.

Patient: I have been working with an allergist, he says so far I have no sign of Asthma, however my last blood test showed a EOS count of 4.0 out of a range of 1 to 3, , as 4.0 seems to be high, besides your suggestion of a stool culture test, should I be screened for cancer also? and if so which specific tests? thank youlast blood test results:WBC 5.3, 4.8-10.8 rangeRBC 4.55, 4.7-6.1 rangeHGB 13.5, 14.0- 18.0 rangeHCT 39.8, 42.0-52.0 rangeEOS 4.0, 1-3 rangeeverything else on my blood test results was within the NORMAL range. including the WBC above.. chest x-rays showed nothing wrong with lungs or heart as well as the electrocardiogram was also perfectly normal….. but I wonder about the low counts on the above test results

Doctor: Hello.thanks for the question.your rest of the reports are normal except the hct or hematocrit which is calculated i n relation to hemoglobin. In men hb should be 14 to 16 gm % and hct is three times the hemoglobin. However there is no grave concern pertaining to hb concentration.Secondly there are no requirement for any tests or evaluation for cancers. As you mentioned that you have seasonal allergies,this episode could possibly be just that.however stool test is required to rule out helminthiasis as a possible cause for eosinophilia.i hope i have been able to answer your query in detail.regards