Sunburned Scar?

Patient: Hello. I received a cut on my forehead just over a year ago, and was left with a small scar that was slightly raised but skin coloured. However, I just spent a week in Hawaii and upon my return I noticed that it was redder than usual. I was very careful about protecting my scar and wore a hat and reapplied SPF 45 frequently, but I’m worried that it may have burned anyway, even though the rest of my face did not.Over the past week since my return, the scar has continued to get redder, thicker, and somewhat scabby…it almost looks infected somehow, and looks almost as bad as it did a year ago. What do I do? Will it go away??Thank you

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you sustained a severe sun burn in the area of your scar during your tr ip.This sun burn is caused by the ultraviolet radiation you were exposed to from the Sun’s rays. Based on your description, this sunburn could possibly be pealing and becoming infected. This can be treated with a prescription topical cream contain silver sulfadiazine, which will effectively treat the sun burn and infection. You will need to see your doctor to be examined and obtain this medication. Once treated, the redness in the area should clear completely in about 4 weeks.Thank you for consulting