Sunburns: How to Prevent and Treat

Patient: After a bad sunburn,I started to get sun burn very easily. Being exposed to sun for more than 20 mins, my nose, upper lip will turn red about 1-2 days later. A bit of swollen. Then start t o peel off. Then it is done, until get exposed to sun again. Any suggestions? I get this even after I put on the heaviest sun screen. Thanks.

Doctor: Sunburn can be a pain. Try to heal the sunburn first before you bathe under the sun again. This may take weeks for it to completely heal. Too much UV radiation is never good for the skin and can cause skin cancer. There are also lip balms with SPF, try using them because it may help with the lips. It is commendable that you are already using heavy sunscreen. Don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours However, also consider switching to another sunblock. You may be allergic to certain ingredients of the sunblock you are using right now and applying that more often will do more harm than good. Be sure that if you will buy another sunblock, the ingredients are different from the current ones. Also, if you get sunburned again, apply lotions or moisturizers rich in aloe vera. If the pain is unbearable, you may take aspirin. I do hope I have helped you. Take care always.