Supplement Stacking Side Effects

Patient: I’m 18 and I lift usually 6 days a week. I’m very active and i was wondering if it is safe for me to be taking the current supplements: caffeine creatine and L Carnitine. (I only take 5g of creatine daily, 200-360g caffeine, 1000mg L Carnitine) Please respond to this its very important to me and my health!

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We at do commend you for committing to a very active healthy lifestyle. I t is the best possible thing you can do for your health. Keep up the great work!Your caffeine intake is fine for a healthy adult. You should not take more thank 400mg per day. There have been many studies that have been conducted to see if creatine intake helps athletic performance and body building, but they have been largely inconclusive. Having said that, we do not recommend taking more than 15g of creatine per day. Lastly, L-carnitine is naturally produced by the liver, and is not an essential nutrient in healthy adults. However if you choose to take it, you should not exceed 3000mg per day, as this may cause gastrointestinal disturbances such as nausea. If you have received results that show abnormal kidney and liver function, we highly recommend that you address these concerns with your doctor, as well as let them know about the supplements you are taking. You may need to discontinue them. We do believe that supplementation without any strong scientific and clinical support is a waste of time and money. You will most likely achieve the same or better results through eating whole, natural foods and continuing your daily exercise plan.Thank you for choosing

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Patient: Thank you so much for responding to me doctor! i appreciate the advice and information very much.