Patient: Are there any safe and effective weight loss supplements for teenagers?

Doctor: That is not a straightforward question to answer. Take my word for it, weight loss without trainer or dietician counseli ng is a difficult task.First we need to assess your BMI, to decide on the appropriate option for you.BMI 30 and no response to the above regimen- DrugsBMI > 40- Probably you will need bariatric surgery.Though the goal is to achieve Ideal body weight (BMI< 25), that is unrealistic goal, in most situations.Drugs like Ephedrine, sibutramine, rimonobant which act by reducing the appetite have been either banned or are unavailable freely. Other drugs like metformin, exanetide and fluoxetine are only available with medical prescription.Orlistat is relatively safe and is available OTC in United States. It is relatively safe drug as only 1% is actually absorbed. It acts by inhibiting fat absorption. It should be taken before a heavy meal and side effects are predominantly gastrointestinal like bloating, flatulence, cramps etc.I would suggest you not to take the drug without proper medical prescription as rarely, vitamin deficiencies, liver injury and renal stones have been reported with it’s use.In a nut shell- Diet (limiting to